Venue Signup - Pincelbox

Share your Space. Get more customers.

Why become a venue with us

Attract new Customers

New customers who will become regulars! Marketing for PincelBox events will generate more foot traffic and free exposure for your venue!

Free to Host

There is no cost involved for the venue! Being a PincelBox venue is free!

Easy to setup

Pincelbox Artists take care of all the setup and cleanup for the event so there is no extra work involved from you or your staff.

What do we need from you?

Designated Area

A semi- private area with tables and chairs for at least 30 people.


A regular commitment from you to host an event (at least once or twice a week). Feel free to try hosting one event and we hope to forge a great partnership with you.

Venue Details

The story behind your space that we can include in the event details! If you like you can also email us pictures of your space to include in the artists events here:

Time Frame

A start date with six weeks notice to give us plenty of time to market the event and make it sell-out!

Ready to join us?