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Fri May 05
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Arts & Crafts
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Writing Chinese calligraphy

Early Bird special Price- $30
RSVP after April 20th- $35

Calligraphy, literally “beautiful writing,” has been appreciated as an art form in many different cultures throughout the world, but the stature of calligraphy in Chinese culture is unmatched. The history of Chinese calligraphy is as long as that of China itself. In China, from a very early period, calligraphy is considered not just a form of decorative art; rather, it is viewed as the supreme visual art form, is more valued than brush painting and sculpture, and ranked alongside poetry as a means of self-expression and cultivation.

This workshop will take you step by step through the basics of Chinese calligraphy and at the end I hope you will leave with a sense of achievement at being able to write a Chinese character 永(means Eternity,Forever)in this beautiful art form and have an art piece to display.
I hope as you attend more of the workshops, your ability to master this complex and new art form will take shape. Bring your curiosity, sincerity and readiness to get creative! I will provide ink, rice paper and brushes for practicing.

No experience in Chinese language or calligraphy needed and experiences of all levels welcome. Ages 21 and up.
If you have any questions please send me a message through the ‘Get in Touch’ Button found under my bio.

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A good Chinese calligrapher enriches the soul of humanity. He delights views with nuances of shades of strokes and structure. He further rev...

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