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Sun May 21
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
guest capacity
per person
10 available

The Maker of Color

Introducing YOU to color in a new way-in its purest form.
We are going to make paint, make a small tubing of paint,
and paint with paint understanding the powerful nuances of color…. connecting with the sublime.

The Order of Things
Best to settle in first. Then we will talk for about 15-20 minutes.
Then I will prepare
the three groups.
– Painting group
-Mixing paint group
-A group gathering beautiful colorful images

Then we will begin and circle through.
We will all be painting.
We will be painting and working in oils.
Each participant will have their own canvas paper to work on.

The following materials will be supplied.
Color pigment, mask, gloves, brushes and canvas paper….and a cardboard box to transport.

What you will learn or glean from the experience:

You will leave with a new appreciation for bringing color into the world as well as a small representative exploration in painting with color

Adults meaning 21 and over is best .

Getting to and fro:
Parking on Moulton Avenue and best to be on time as some will need to guided as to where
the studio is….within the BREWERY ARTS COMPLEX (the largest artists complex in the world)

Our group is limited to 10 students
We will pair off in smaller groups.

You should bring:
~a small notebook for writing and a pen
~clothes that you can paint in without worrying of them getting ruined.
~an inquisitive nature
~a readiness to learn

The Studio itself is special. It has great light and energy. There is a bathroom upstairs and a sink for cleanup.
The Brewery Arts Complex is quite amazing and you might wish to mill around
afterwards or get there early .

Looking forward to the offering
Joshua Elias studios

ps This is an Introductory Class.

Your Host

Joshua Elias 1 followers
Los Angeles artist/ writer Joshua Elias bases his new series of handmade oil paintings on Ancient cities. A recent Writers Retreat in Icela...

Venue Info

The Brewery Arts Complex/ Elias Art Studio

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