Artist Signup - Pincelbox

Share your Skills. Create a unique Experience.

Inspire people around you to create beautiful art, while having a great time.

Share your artistic passion with the world

Help your local community thrive creatively by cultivating new artistic endeavours for people to enjoy in a fun and social setting.

We are a platform for you to handcraft and market your imaginative event for paying customers at your choice of venue, whether it is your local coffee shop, the pub down the road or your local park. We make it easy for people to sign up and find new, exciting, and social artistic experiences. Use the PincelBox platform to promote your events, giving you a local, national and international audience.

Why PincelBox is right for you

Earn money as a Host

Use your creative skills to generate income through Fun, Educational, Artistic Events

Make new friends

Through PincelBox you’ll make new friends through your customers who are as excited about learning new skills as you are sharing them.

Community with artistic skills

You’ll have access to the world’s largest artistic skill sharing network. Meet new like minded artists, learn new skills and let PincelBox help you soar creatively!

How to become a host?

Step 1

Register as an artist

Complete the artist registration form. In the form you will be asked for a link to a portfolio of your work or to upload photos of your work. After we review your work, you’ll be contacted for a chat and once your profile approves you will join the Pincelbox artist community!

Step 2

Manage your events online

  • Use our easy ‘artist submission form’ to set up an event.
  • Use the artist dashboard to track your earnings for your events.
  • Easily communicate with your customers using the Pincelbox messaging system.

Step 3

We handle the event transactions

Customers purchase tickets for your events through the Pincelbox platform and you will receive the funds through Stripe. Our goal is to help make your event successful and enjoyable. We take a small percentage of the ticket sales to help market, promote and support your event.

Step 4

Sit back and Relax.

Watch as customers sign up for your social handcrafted events.

Ready to jump in?