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About Us

Connecting people through social arts and crafts

Pincelbox is for your local community and when you travel

Through the PincelBox platform we want to encourage people to come together through hosting and learning live creative experiences. Tourists and travellers can also immerse themselves in the local artisan culture of their destination, meet and get social with locals and other adventurers like themselves, all by finding unique experiences through PincelBox.

Browse for unique experiences

  • Discover your local museum, park or bar in a creative setting.
  • Join an event with friends or come along and make new ones.
  • Go home with your own creation to add to your wall.

Join PincelBox’s growing artist community!

Each event is exclusively designed by the PincelBox artist to reflect their passion for a particular medium. PincelBox encourages artists to use their skills to become an entrepreneurs while using the PincelBox platform as a gateway to signing up guests for their events.Hold events in your own personal studios, local bars and restaurants, a local park or many other locations in and around your city.

Back to the Drawing Board

PincelBox is skill sharing platform created by artists and makers. The three founders come from a variety of creative, engineering and scientific backgrounds including film, animation, CGI, games and large scale water features.

Holding painting events for our friends in our garage we realized that there are many types of arts and crafts that people would be excited to learn and many talented people in all disciplines whose passion and talents could be taught in a fun, social environment. PincelBox was started to encourage artists in all disciplines to showcase their passion through handcrafted events.

PincelBox believes that the arts should be an important part of our everyday lives. There are so many different forms of art, including music, design and culinary experiences and PincelBox aims to bring a rich diversity and entertainment to guests by offering a wide variety of hand crafted events. As a pending registered benefits company, PincelBox offers promoting the arts through promoting economic opportunity for individuals and communities to thrive.