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08 Jul

Learn to Draw Dinosaurs: An Introduction to Paleoart

Sat 11:00 am . Los Angeles, CA
17 Jun

Everything is a canvas

Sat 4:00 pm . Venice, CA
11 May

Selfie Caricature Workshop

Thu 7:00 pm . Glendale, CA
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What people are saying about our events!

Learn to Draw Dinosaurs: An introduction to PaleoArt

Awesome event that was great for all levels! Evan’s passion and expertise in Paleo Art is so inspiring! He provided a wonderful visual journey through the history of Paleo Art, and he makes himself available for one-on-one interaction during the drawing sessions. I’m now a huge fan of Evan and PincelBox for putting on such a fun experience. Highly recommend!

Selfie Caricature workshop

Instructor was very knowledgeable in the subject. He made it fun and beer was great too! Highly recommend this workshop!

Spring Origami Workshop

Such a great way to get people together!
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What is PincelBox?

Experience creativity hands on!

We want people to go out, make new friends and explore the creative world. It definitely beats trying to learn via online videos and tutorials!

Every class you attend, you’ll leave with something you have made with your own hands and customized with your unique touch. PincelBox events will give you a sense of achievement at having designed your own masterpiece!

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up and explore and find your perfect creative event in the events page.

Step 2

Once you've discovered your passion, reserve your spot and get creative!

Step 3

Have fun, make new friends, create your unique piece to take home and display it proudly.

Interested in becoming a PincelBox Artist?

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For the makers and crafters who will want to get some real product exposure, holding a PincelBox event with social marketing can be a great way to get the word out for your unique wears.

PincelBox offers:

  • Flexibility for artists to schedule teaching events in their preferred venues and available time.
  • A network of support to ensure all events run smoothly and successfully.
  • Marketing via social and other media to make sure your events are a hit sell out!

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PincelBox For Guests!

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Want to learn and discover a new creative passion?

Discover and learn from master artists in your neighbourhood and beyond through PincelBox! If you’re travelling to a new city you can immerse yourself in the culture of your destination by learning a new creative skill from the local makers and crafters! Every class you attend, you’ll leave with something you have made with your own hands and customized with your unique touch.

Let PincelBox help you choose your next creative adventure!

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